Pick the Winners

Pick the Winners

Win your choice of Pug Wine T-Shirt or Coaster Set

Pug Wine will be adding wine label t-shirts and drink coasters to our store. We need your help do decide which labels to use first!
To make it more fun, we have created a Pick the Winners drawing!

To enter the drawing, please sign up for our newsletter and then vote for 3 of your favorite labels below. The voting poll will close on November 20, 2018 and we will draw a random email address from the ones who have voted and signed up. We will start with 1 winner, but the number of winners will increase according to the total number of entries at an accelerated rate.  So the more entries, the better your chances to win!  We welcome you to share this competition with your friends to better your odds.  

And don’t worry, we don’t send out a lot of emails in our newsletter. We hate spam too.  We just send newsletters every few months to give our members early notice about upcoming specials.  (Plus, it is a little known secret, those signed up for the mailing list get access to bigger sales too!)  

Thank you for helping us figure out which shirts you want to wear!  Best of luck! 

NOTE: This form is best viewed on a desktop or laptop.  It may not display well on other devices.

  • Sign up for our newsletter:

  • Next, “like” on your favorite 3 labels below by clicking on the upper right corner

That is it. You are entered!